Monday, September 1, 2008

Most Recent Craftiness

I'm going to start with my most recent creations and I will eventually get my older stuff up here too. So here's the start. (Please excuse the photos & background, in the future I will try to remember people will be seeing these photos)

These are both recons. The first is a "Bathina Bag" that is recon'd from old clothes. This was originally a really cute skirt with camo on the outside and black with white polka dots on the inside. I thought it was a super cute combination and couldn't just throw it out since it no longer fit. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture so I did the best I could after the purse was finished. You can see where it used to fit into the skirt. (This purse isn't really as small as it looks in the picture compared to my giant hand, it is approximately 9" wide)

My 2nd project is a monster plushie, I see these everywhere and think they are fantastic. You'll see that mine is Gumby-esque, I couldn't resist with the green fabric. I didn't use a pattern or anything, I just freehanded a shape, he isn't symetrical which I think gives him a more monster feel. :) The main body is from a tank top, the red on the head & hands is from a 2nd tank and the white of his eye is made from a plain t-shirt. I've decided to call him Tank because of his origins.


I've decided to start this blog just as a fun way to log my crafts and stuff. I've been crafting a lot lately and it is always something different, I haven't specialized in an area yet. Spasmodic Stiches is in reference to the spazzoid way that I craft. I have bits a pieces that I work on, usually something new every weekend. For the most part I tend to do small crafts that can get done in an evening or two before I lose interest in them. I'm going to start a list of things I'd like to try and make/do too. So here goes:

  • Create cloth baby diapers (I'm not pregnant but I want to learn this for when it does come)
  • Learn how to felt dry & wet
  • Make more monsters!!
  • Make a laptop cozy/bag
  • Reupholster some piece of furniture
  • Finish Mod Podging my footlocker
  • Make a quilt
  • Do another acrylic painting
  • Sew some awesome pot holders
  • Decorate some bath towels for my sister